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Built in Estimating & Installation process

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Receiving an estimate for your custom built in has never been easier! We start every estimate off by collecting some very basic information & photos. A ballpark estimate is the quickest way to determine if your project falls within your budget. When we determine a ballpark estimate we base your project off the below. With any estimate the more details we have up front the better. If there are any specific details that are must haves for you don't hesitate to include them.

Step #1 Provide Basic information

  • Rough sizes (Length x Depth x Height)

  • Any photos of space & similar pieces

  • Painted vs Stain

Fine tuning your estimate

Now that we have established that your project is within your budget it’s time to gather some more specific information to fine tune your estimate. This is the point that we take the basic information received so far to sketch up a rendering to scale of your built in. This will provide you with a visual & us with a better understanding on materials.

Here is an example of a sketch up to scale

Once the sketch up is complete we will send it your way to review. This is the perfect time for you to make any changes as its the easiest & quickest sketch up method. Once you have decided on the layout we will start collecting additional details. Below are some questions that you may want to start considering if you have not already.

Step #2 Fine tuning details

  • Material choices

  • Hardware choices

  • Cabinet bottoms (Baseboard vs Open)

  • Crown/Decorative Molding

  • TV Size

  • Door, Drawer or Shelving Sizes

  • Paint and/or Stain colors

  • Sheen of finish (typically Satin)

After receiving additional details I will be able to provide a fairly accurate project cost. Once you are ready to proceed we move to the measurement & booking step.

Final Measurements & Booking

Its time for us to come out to your home! Now that we have a design & agreed on an estimated cost its time for us to come out to your home & get your project scheduled. Its at this point that we will physically confirm all final measurements, review all details & collect the deposit for your project. Below is what you can expect.

Step #3 In Home Measurements & Booking

  • Schedule a day/time

  • Take final measurements

  • Review sketch up

  • Discuss project details

  • Ensure no hidden issue are present on site

  • Collect payment for deposit

  • Provide estimated project timeline (start & install)

Installation Day!

The time has come, its installation day! We have taken all the steps to ensure we have a smooth installation day. All pieces of your built in have been constructed, painted & are ready to install. Typical installations can be completed in as little as 1-2 days. Here is what to expect on install day

Final Step - Installation

  • Schedule a day/time

  • We ask that the space be cleared prior

  • We handle delivery

  • Finished cabinetry installed

  • Any Baseboard/Crown/Trim will be installed

  • Everything is touched up as needed

  • Work areas are cleaned up

  • Final Payment Due at completion

We take pride in everything we build & install. If at anytime during the process you have any questions or concerns please fee free to let us know! Hope to see you soon!

Proudly supporting Saint Johns FL & Surrounding

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