Ordering Q/A

I'm so glad your here!  So you've made an excellent choice!
Here I have listed some common questions that I may be asking once your order has been placed.  Feel free to look them over & let me know if you have any questions!  

​Farm Table Questions

 Will you be storing chairs at the end of your farm table?  If so some leg styles will need held in 12-15".
Do you want the bench to fit under your farm table? Consider the space you have in making your choice

 How do you like your tops?

Do you want a smooth top or grooves? Smooth tables recommended for eating surfaces as they are easier to clean.

Smooth farm table top w/ no bread ends

Do you want bread end on the tops? These are the boards on the end of the tops.  (example below)

Bread Board & Groove top example

What Kind of Hardware do you like?

I typically use 2 types of hinges for most cabinet work.  Do you have a preference?  Hidden hinges can be used on some cabinet styles Hinges are black Rectangular or Strap hinges. (example below)

T-strap & Standard hinges


 Talking about your finishes

Have you chosen your color combination? Are we painting & staining?  
Would you like the piece distressed? Light or Heavy Distressing?

Distressing Example