Furniture Refinishing & Repair

Don't kick that old piece of furniture to the curb!  

Adding NEW life to an old piece can be a great option if you have a piece you like already.  Refinishing costs start around $200.
  •  Choose your OWN color
  •  FAST Turn around
  •  Specialty Finishes Available
  •  Save $$ vs. Replacement costs

Average Cost's for Furniture Painting

All painting jobs are not created equal BUT the below will provide you with a good estimate for having your standard wood furniture refinished.  Not that this is assuming that the pieces are in good condition and do NOT require repairs.

ALL Pieces will need delivered to our warehouse located at 4549 Saint Augustine Rd.


This table lists some of the average cost for refinishing furniture.  (Minimum Charge - $200)

 Wood Chairs

$50-$75 per


$250-$350 per

Dinning Room Hutch

$500+ per

Night Stands

$75 per

Kitchen/Dinning Room Tables

$400 Per

Broken Furniture?  Repair costs starting around $75

Do you have a broken or damaged piece of furniture that need a little TLC? Mover that didn't handle your antique furniture with care and ended up with scratches?  Before you toss it in the trash let me take a look at it!  Although not all damaged furniture can be repairable you'd be surprised what is!  

Chair Repair