Using reclaimed wood for your project

Reclaimed Headboards

Why using reclaimed wood is so popular?

On the off chance that you are an enthusiast of natural home stylistic layout, you’ll most likely have heard this term a couple of times before. In any case, for the individuals who are as yet attempting to find their way around farmhouse furniture, this is basically what reclaimed wood means:

When you reclaim wood, you recover the wood from its underlying application so it can fill another need elsewhere.  Reclaimed woods are basically derivatives of remodeling activities, and you can get this sort of wood from your old dwelling-place, barn, decking of old structures, etc. Although these days they are often sold in furniture stores as reinforced products.

Since reclaimed woods are recovered from old structures, they usually come out chipped and aged. Apparently, a lot of people of our modern day society fancy the contrasting appearance that reclaimed woods create when used for interior decorations.

While this is a total surprise, it is also logical as there are many upsides to the use of reclaimed woods. In the event that you are curious about why the use of reclaimed wood is the latest trend in home décor, here are a few solid reasons why reclaimed is popular in today’s world.

1.    Quality of the wood

Reclaimed wood is popular for a lot of reasons, and one of the most obvious ones is their quality. In the past, woods used for flooring, siding, headboards and so on are usually old growth woods. These woods have reached the highest level of maturity, and so they are capable of providing support for your home without deteriorating.

However, with the current commercial forest practices, many of the woods that are available in the market are usually cut down before they reach their max level of maturity. Which makes reclaimed wood the greatest source of high-quality wood for your housing needs.

2.    History

Generally, reclaimed wood is retrieved from historic buildings, and so they usually have their own history. If the wood can speak, it would probably tell tales that you have never heard before. Many citizens of today’s world fancy home decors that would help them connect with the past – that is what reclaimed wood offers.

Whether the wood is reclaimed from the fence of a mansion, the scaffolding of a church or the decking of a warehouse, having it in your home would give you a feeling of accomplishment. In fact, many rustic décor aficionados use reclaimed woods in their homes to connect with their past so that they can appreciate their present.

The logic behind this reasoning is deep and mysterious, but that is the thing with history – it is enigmatic.

3.    Eco-friendly

Now that we are conscious of how our activities here on earth affects our planet itself, eco-friendly materials are now the order of the day. Since reclaimed woods are recovered from old structures as opposed to cutting down new trees (Which would at the end of the take a toll on our planet’s ozone layer), they are the eco-friendliest source of wood for your home.

Once more, most of these reclaimed woods have equal strength as the fleshly cut woods. As a matter of fact, some of these reclaimed wood like the old growth woods are stronger than fresh wood. This is because they had achieved maturity before they were cut down.

Reclaimed Coffee Table
Reclaimed Coffee Table

4.    They’ve got character

In all probability, this is the most obvious reason why reclaimed wood and rustic furniture is very popular in today’s world. While new woods are loved for their flawlessness, reclaimed woods are loved for their imperfections. All the imperfections on reclaimed wood add up to the full character of the wood. For instance, stain, nail holes, checking, bug holes as well as deterioration marks can make a reclaimed wood beautiful. The overall character of the reclaimed wood also comes from its history and age. As a matter of fact, the older the reclaimed wood gets, the more character it develops and the more appealing it becomes. Since reclaimed woods age differently, everyone your find would almost certainly have its own unique character. At the end of the day, all these unique characters would contribute their own quota into making your home beautiful.

5.    There are readily available

You won’t have to stress to acquire reclaimed wood for your decoration needs. Then again, it would be better for you to buy from experienced providers as they would have reinforced the wood before putting it up for sale.

If you need to give your home a rustic look, you can utilize these recovered woods for the siding, headboard, floor or furniture of your home. By the day’s end, your home would be chicer and welcoming while you get the opportunity to get a good deal on your furnishings, deck, siding, and anyplace else you utilize the recovered wood in your home.

This is where you get to make the best use of your budget without compromising your home’s stylish appearance.

6.    Good looks

At the end of the day, the reason why reclaimed wood is so popular today boils down to its good looks. It doesn’t matter how eco-friendly it is, how much history it conveys, how high-quality it is or how full of character it is; if it doesn’t look good, no one will find it attractive.

If you think reclaimed wood is popular, then it’s because people find it attractive. Just take a look at any home with reclaimed wood as its décor and see how it compares to other homes. You’ll see that the difference is very clear.

How much does it cost?

Reclaimed wood, in general, is not overly expensive and you can expect to find it offered at prices that are well within your means. This goes without saying that the price of the reclaimed wood is greatly influenced by its age, quality, size, etc. Another factor that can influence the price of the salvaged wood is the print on the wood.

Generally, lumbers have their own inherent print that makes them different from other lumbers. This unique print is similar to a human’s fingerprint in several ways. But unlike the human’s fingerprint, two or more timbers can have similar print patterns.

But then again, some prints are very hard to come by. Notwithstanding, you’ll have an array of wood print to browse when you consult premium suppliers of reclaimed wood for your wood needs. Taking everything into account, you can expect to find top-quality reclaimed woods offered from $10/sf to $50/sf at the very least.

Although most premium suppliers of reclaimed woods have a minimum order for their products. To know the reclaimed wood options that are available to you, contact your premium supplier of top quality reclaimed wood.

Why are some reclaimed woods so expensive

Like we said earlier, the cost of reclaimed wood is influenced by a lot of factors such as size, print, quality, age, etc. Some suppliers also reinforce their reclaimed wood so that it can last long term without failing.

Of course, they’ll want to be compensated for their investment and thoughtfulness. That’s why some reclaimed woods are more expensive than others.