How much does a 2×8 weigh?

How much does a 2x8 weigh?

Have you ever wondered how much a 2×8 weights? I build lots of custom farm tables in St. Johns Fl and a 2×8 is the typical material for tops. As I drive away from the lumber store I often think the front of my truck is floating on air due the the sheer weight. 

If your just looking to see how much a 2×8 weighs the answer is fairly straight forward. The answer is 18 – 35 lbs. 

Quite the difference once again!  With wide board comes more surface area to soak up the water turning these into a giant sponge.  Another factor with the wider boards are sap.  YES, sap.  The wider the board the closer to the center of the tree it was cut from often making it just a bit more sappy.

I have taken the time to gather some data and put it into a nice little excel file that you can download right here.

Excel Weight Calculator Download  

This is an easy to use excel file, just enter the quantities of lumber and poof, we have a weight.  Now you will have an idea before you go loading your truck with 100 2×8’s and wondering if your truck can handle it.

Lumber weights
Lumber Estimated Weight Chart

How many 2x8's can I load in a truck

There are many factors to consider before loading your truck.  Not only how much weight you can carry but you will also have to consider what kind of engine your truck has.  Do you have enough power to drive safely?

If you just want to know how many 2×8’s will physically fit in the standard 8ft truck bed the answer is around 84, BUT be sure your sporting at least a 1 Ton truck.

 For this example we will base our numbers off standard weights

1/4 Ton Truck

A 1/4 Ton sounds like a large number BUT its really not.  A 1/4 ton is roughly 500 lbs. 

  • Roughly 27 Kiln Dried 2x8x8 (@ 18 lbs each = 486 lbs.)

1/2 Ton Truck

You will find that a 1/2 ton pickup truck is fairly standard for most.  A 1/2 ton is roughly 1000 lbs. although the they range upwards of hauling close to 1800 lbs depending on make/model and features.

  • Roughly 55 Kiln Dried 2x8x8 (@ 18 lbs each = 990lbs.)

3/4 Ton Truck

A 3/4 ton truck is getting into some major hauling power.  3/4 ton is roughly 1500 lbs.  When you’re packing this kind of truck your problem will be a capacity issue rather than a weight issue as I would estimate that you can fit roughly 84 2x8x8’s in an 8 ft’ truck bed.

  • Roughly 83 Kiln Dried 2x8x8 (@ 18 lbs each = 1494 lbs.)

1 Ton Truck

Now we are talking!  With a 1 ton truck you should not have an issue picking up lumber anytime soon.  1 ton is roughly 2000 lbs.  You will notice that many contractors that are in the concrete business may be sporting a 1 ton pick up.  As for lumber loads you will for sure run out of space first.

  • Roughly 111 Kiln Dried 2x8x8 (@ 18 lbs each = 1998 lbs.)

Hopefully this information has been helpful.  Safe hauling!