10 DIY projects with pallets

DIY projects with pallets

A home which has all its spaces designed in a gorgeous, desired manner and has stylish furnishings is usually the dream of any homeowner. If you are able to accomplish this it can offer you pleasure and a sense of satisfaction. Through pallet projects, you can reuse any pallets which have been discarded away so that you can have a better home which is well decorated.

In case you like DIY items for your yard and home which does not cost a lot of money, then these DIY projects with pallets can be the best choice for you.

1. Pallet planter Box

The planter box is very useful in planting flowers and some plants like fruit-bearing plants in a homestead or compound so as to make it appealing. It is also important in making the best fittings and furniture for one’s house.

The directions on how to use it are very simple as they can be understood by both non-experienced and experienced carpenters. The planter box can be simply created with the pallet wood and this leads to its interesting frugal DIY.

You can try this by simply looking for a hammer, some nails, a pallet wood, and a saw and follow the given procedure to make a planter box.

Pallet Shelf

2. Outdoor balcony fittings made of pallets

Fittings made of pallets can certainly improve a veranda, balcony or platform. It will surely be the best first project for a trainee, unfortunately, one will require a huge number of pallets to start the project.

Additionally, there are other requirements for this project like one requires sandpaper, some paint, creativity, a tape measure and approximately 6 hours to finish the task.

Luckily, this project can cost a little amount of money about $40 when carpenter avoids painting the pallets.

3. Fold-down pallet desk

This fold–down desk can help carpenters to save money and space since requires a little amount of money to create and occupies a small space.

For you to successively fold this pallet desk, you will require to assemble a piano hinge and plywood. Sandpaper, stain, and creativity are also required. Lastly, you need a window sash for you to be able to keep it closed when you are not using.

You can make this pallet desk yourself and it is the best to go for when you don’t have adequate space and it’s so luxurious,thus carpenters enjoy using it when carrying out their activities.

4. A swing bed made of pallet

The discarded pallets are very useful, they can be used to make a swing bed that can help the carpenters during the summer season. It’s possible to make one swing on during these tiresome days.

You need some cushions, pallets,2*4 lumber,2-3 vinyl zippered cushion covers, screws, a saw, measuring tape and a drill. You only need to put some little effort and enjoy in the future. Using pallets can help make your outdoor colorful.

5. A pallet coller

If you want to spend much of your time enjoying yourself outside in your compound, this project can be of very much help to you. You can make this by disassembling two wood pallets from a swing bed and use them in this task. It’s interesting that it’s flexible, and one can make that can fit their own required size so that he/she can start to enjoy having cold drinks. It’s practical and simple to make one.

6. Pallet herb rack

Its simple to use an old wood pallet to make a rack for flowers or herbs that can give your outside compound beautiful greenery by just using only a vertical space in your compound. You only need some nails, a magazine or newspaper, saw and wooden pallet to make your pallet flower rack.

You can also use the pallet planter to plant strawberries in your home garden.

7. Strawberry pallet planter

If you create this planter, you will be able to make sure that the dirt from your strawberries is kept safe and this strawberry will grow strong.

You can access a video tutorial and the written procedure from the internet on how you can make this planter. You can access them and this project only needs one wood pallet to create.

The output of this project is so interesting, it works and is cheap.

8. Pallet serving tray

You can use the scraps of the pallet in creating this beautiful serving tray so that you can add decor to your living space or use it for serving your breakfast. This pallet is made from a nail gun, pallet wood, broken window sash, and picket fence pieces. You can paint it so that you can make it more beautiful.

9. Pallet lemonade stand

If you wish to make the most magnificent wooden pallet then Lemonade stand should be one of your best choices. While you make this pallet you will be required to use 100% salvaged lumber, nails, and screws.


10. Pallet bench

In case you like using power tools then this DIY pallet bench is a good idea and can offer you the best outdoor seating area. When you are designing it you need the following things:

• A compound mitre saw

• Clear waterproof sealer

• Self-taping wood screws

• Pallets

• A lot of space

• 4×4 or 3×3 wood for making frames

• A sander

• Seat cushions

• High-quality fabric for pillows

11. Pallet wall

In case you wish to offer your wall a magnificent new look, then this creative DIY wood pallet project can be the best for you. After doing this project be assured that you will no longer be walking past any abandoned pallet again. This project will relatively cost you a few cents as you can use the leftover paint in painting your new wall.

12. Pallet storage rack

It’s possible for you to build your own fruit or vegetable storage rack using pallets. This creative DIY wood pallet project can act as the best container where you can organize or store the fresh fruits and vegetables that you buy from the market.

13. Pallet compost bin

It’s high time that you should green so that you make your own DIY pallet wood compost bin. Creating a compost bin using pallets is very cheap and easier than you can imagine. Some of the things that you need are basic power tools for creating any DIY wood pallet project, hardware, wire, and recycled pallets.