How much paint do I need for a 2000 sq. ft. house?

How much does a gallon of paint cover?

 Have you ever been at the paint store wondering just how many gallons of paint you need?  With some quick math we can save you some extra trips to the store so you won’t waste any extra time.    

The average gallon of paint covers roughly 300 – 400 square foot of wall space.  

Room Sizes with Sq Ft
Room Size Chart w/ Sq. Ft

How much paint do I need for one wall?

Knowing that not all walls are created equal we will assume we have  a wall size of roughly 10 ft in length by 8 ft in height. To figure out the square footage of a wall you take the length times height (10×8=80) which in our case  comes out to about 80 square feet.

You would need about a ¼  to ⅓ of a gallon of paint for 1 coat of paint on a 10’ L  x 8’ H wall.

How much paint do I need to paint a 10 x 10 room?

Using the same calculations we can determine how much paint you need for any size room. In a 10ft by 10ft room with 8 foot ceilings you have roughly 320 square feet of wall space. 

You  need roughly (1) gallon of paint for a 10’ x 10’ room.   

The coverage will depend on your wall condition and how many coats of paint are needed for good coverage.

How much paint do I need to paint a 2000 square foot house?

First you will need to decide if you are painting both the walls & ceiling. Also will you be painting inside your closets?

Painting just the ceiling?

In a 2000 sq ft home we can assume that the ceiling are close to 2000 sq ft. To paint your ceilings you will need roughly 5 gallons of paint. 

Ceilings are typically painted in a white flat paint. If you have a textured ceiling you may more paint for good coverage.  Typically flat paint covers imperfections more than other finishes.

How much paint will I need to paint the walls?

 Based on some average room sizes, hallways and closets I am ballparking that you will need roughly 10 gallons of paint for a 200 sq. ft. house. 

All homes are not the same so first you will need to measure all the rooms in your home to figure out exactly how much paint you need for your home.

Hopefully this information has been helpful.  Happy painting & may your day be filled with happy trees!