How much does Paint weigh?

How much does a gallon of paint weigh?

Have you ever wondered how much paint weights?  I often find myself at the home improvement store loading up on supplies only to have overloaded my truck without even thinking about it.

If your just looking to see how much a gallon paint weighs the answer is fairly straight forward. The answer is 10 – 15 lbs. depending on paint type.

When I first picked up my scale to weigh a gallon of paint I was amazed of the difference in weight between a gallon of Water based paint vs. Oil paint. The Oil based paint weighted in at almost 15 lbs. compared to the Water based at only 10 lbs.

I am no scientist but I am assuming that the difference in weight has to do with the density.

Now that you have an idea of how much a gallon of paint weighs you may be up for so more helpful information like “How much a 2×4 weights”  check out my blog post here!

How many gallon cans of paint can I load in a truck?

There are many factors to consider before loading your truck.  Not only how much weight you can carry but you will also have to consider what kind of engine your truck has.  Do you have enough power to drive safely?

 For this example we will base our numbers off standard weights

1/4 Ton Truck

A 1/4 Ton sounds like a large number BUT its really not.  A 1/4 ton is roughly 500 lbs. 

  • Roughly 33 Gallon paint cans (@ 15 lbs each = 495lbs.)

1/2 Ton Truck

You will find that a 1/2 ton pickup truck is fairly standard for most.  A 1/2 ton is roughly 1000 lbs. although the they range upwards of hauling close to 1800 lbs depending on make/model and features.

  • Roughly 66 Gallon paint cans (@ 15 lbs each = 990lbs.)

3/4 Ton Truck

A 3/4 ton truck is getting into some major hauling power.  3/4 ton is roughly 1500 lbs.  which is a nice truck but you can’t max this baby out with a full bed load of paint.

  • Roughly 100 Gallon paint cans (@ 15 lbs each = 1500 lbs.)

1 Ton Truck

Now we are talking!  With a 1 ton truck you shouldn’t have any issues BUT that said you can’t assume you can fill it to the rim.  Even though you will probably not run into a job that requires 133 gallons of paint you’d still have some space left in a standard 8′ bed.

  • Roughly 133 Gallon paint cans (@ 15 lbs each = 1995 lbs.)

How many paint gallon cans fit in the bed of a truck?

So now that you have a rough idea on the total gallon cans of paint your truck can haul based on weight how many cans will actually fit?

So that you don’t have to stand at the lumber store doing thewhole trial and error deal I have done the math.

A 4’x8′ bed will hold roughly 78 gallon paint cans per layer.  The standard bed is roughly 20″ deep meaning you can fit 2 layers without overflowing or 156 gallon cans of paint.

Now that’s a lot of paint!

Hopefully this information has been helpful.  Safe hauling!