Decorating Tips - Farmhouse Style

Decorating your Home with a Farmhouse Style

Farm House Kitchen

Farmhouse decorating is quite relaxing, fun, warm, full of charm, and an enticing character. When we talk of farmhouse decorating, some people may be tempted to think we are referring to the decoration of a farm. No, that is not the case. It relates to the use of artificial sensibilities that goes back to a simpler time. The farmhouse decoration style is therefore fantastic and savvy.

Farmhouse decorating style needs to have a balance between the old and new fashion. This is more important to ensure the house looks natural, stylish, clean, and warmhearted.

This blog takes an exclusive overview of farmhouse decoration style so to ensure your home looks elegant and appealing. Take time and read through.

What does farmhouse style decoration mean?

Decorating a house in farmhouse style means looking for a way in which a home will look stylish by the use of practical and straightforward decorating mindset.

It means instead of using bright and flashy decor; you look for a combination of soothing colors, texture, or natural elements that gives your house a great outlook.

Rules of farmhouse style decoration

Previously farmhouses were decorated in anything that looked handy and practical. In modern days, people capitalize on decorating houses in farmhouse style with items that are meaningful, unique, and simple on the look.

A home decorated in this style consists of old material that is free to find in the market combined with new pieces. A perfect example is a shaker cabinet and old harvest table which are joined beautifully by stainless steel and fixtures that are light modern and placed in a farmhouse kitchen.

Decorating with Store Bought Pieces

When decorating your house using this style, your furniture should not look like its bought from the same store. That, however, does not mean you cannot purchase decorating materials from one store though you must be creative enough.

An example is the Ikea Ektorp sofa which can fit well in farmhouse decoration style but buying all its pieces from one store can spoil the fun. The best idea is pairing the sofa with vintage chairs that have been reupholstered for a while.

Farmhouse style should not look much calculated. For example, items of the craft show and nostalgia reproduction, designed to look natural can be more fun if placed in numbers of one or two but not too many items piled together.

That way, they never appear decent and decorative at all. If craft items are not your taste, check out the flea market and any unique shows for items that have real sentimental value.

Decorating using farmhouse needs one to take time in the process. The most important aspect to note in this decorating process is that rushing only leads to shoddy work. Character and charm are items that can’t be bought in a single day and still be mounted for decoration on the same day.

Farmhouse decoration style needs one to be keen enough. You do not purchase materials for decoration for the sake. Take time and peruse, collect information that will make sure you decorate with materials that are meaningful whether they are new or old enough.

Pallet Top X Console

Farmhouse decorating ideas

To ensure you acquire the perfect farmhouse decoration style, below are some of the decor elements and decorating tips you need to know.

  • Barn Wood

Barn wood, especially those already reclaimed is a perfect way to add natural character and history to a home. This wood can be used on floors, like shelving, on floors walls or like furniture.

  • Exposed Wood Beams

Just the way barn board performs, exposed wood beams maintain element on nature in homes while at the same time adding great architectural details to the house. If you consider yourself lucky enough and haven’t installed exposed wood beams in your house as decoration, it’s clear you are deceiving yourself.

  • Butcher Block

Butcher block counters are great furniture in farmhouse kitchens since they ensure the outlook is more relaxed. These counters are known to have a high rustic quality that lasts for long in excellent shape as far as they are treated rightly. It’s vital to note that if your kitchen does not look anywhere high with butcher block, taking an alternative like Kitchen Island can work best.

  • Apron Sinks

Having Apron sink in your kitchen lights up the entire house. If you are lucky enough and can afford shaker style cabinets and incorporate them together in the kitchen, you are guaranteed your home is decorated in the very best farmhouse style.

  • Vintage Furniture

Decorating a house with old furniture does not necessarily mean you feel your house with any vintage furniture. You can decide to pair your sofas with vintage side chairs and tables, an old chest for a new bed or lamp vintages to light up your house. The point of using vintages for decoration is to ensure total household match and create more history in your house.

  • Slipcovers

Either practically or casually, slipcovers helps bring a more relaxed and soft feeling to a room. Slipcover is, however, a bit more expensive though the upholstery services are cheaper. Also, these covers are easy to clean and takes up little time to dry off. The slipcover can be placed on surfaces of dining chairs and tables to create a fantastic soft look.

  • Wicker and Rattan

Wicker and rattan take long to get worn out and greats a fantastic experience. Wicker baskets and rattan chair connect with outdoor, creating a natural feeling in the house.

  • Weathered finishes

Peeling paints and rough wood does wonder in creating an excellent farmhouse look. Weathered finishes as the word suggest does not aim at making furniture look more dilapidated but should not as well not look too much shy and new.

  • Incorporate wood

Adding wood here and there in your decor creates more rustic and excellent farmhouse look. Such wood can be things like antique washboards and spindle. Additionally, you can use old barn wood to make farmhouse style stature such as that of bakery sign.

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It’s our hope we have helped you learn a few tips on farmhouse decoration and how you can achieve it. All the best, as you give it a trial.