Decorating a Small Front porch

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Your front porch may not be a place that you want to spend to much time right now.  With a few of these valuable tips for Decorating your Front Porch you may find in a bit more inviting.

Decorating a small front porch is relatively inexpensive and simple.  Just by adding some potted flowers or an Awesome Welcome Sign (made by yours truly) can make a drab porch come to life.  I mean we could all use a nice rocker to sit back and relax on.

Here are some things to take care of before you jump right in to decorating a front porch.

1) Clean it all down.. get your hose out

Before you go out in your Sunday’s best, you need to make sure that all the surfaces are well cleaned. Get the broom out to remove cobwebs, dust, and other accumulated litter on the surfaces.

HINT:  If you have an super awesome Lawn & Exterminator Service like I do they knock all those cobwebs off for me.

After your done wiping down all the surfaces I like to drag out the pressure washer and go to town.  Every time I start cleaning my outdoor furniture or exterior walls with my pressure washer it amazes me how much nasty grime comes off.

I try to drag everything off our porch twice a year and just hose it all down.  Its a pain but once you start its worth it.

2) Brighten your porch up with Color

Adding color to a porch is a great way to add a little life to your porch.  Consider painting the walls of your porch for a drastic change.  If that’s too much work try painting your outdoor furniture or adding some fresh flowers.  

Colors can have a great psychological effect. I mean don’t you want your visitors to get that happy vibe when they visit?  Some colors will brighten up your guests while some may not send them running.  Think Happy trees like the man Bob Ross!

Choosing a paint that may last long to help you save on costs. Blend the color pallet of your ceiling and flooring.  If your not great at picking out colors or need a little inspiration (like me) they have all sorts of stuff at your local paint store to help you decide.

Welcome Sign

3) Welcome visitors with a sign

Nothing welcomes a guests like a 4 ft Rustic Welcome Sign! (Again, by yours truly)  Using some inexpensive decor like welcome signs or a Hello doormat can add a little bit of southern hospitality. 

You can get a sign to pin on the door or around the doorposts. Your guests will be smiling whenever they arrive at your front porch.

Trying to scare off unwanted guest?  Here’s your chance to get that message across.  The Beware of Dog signs are just the start these days.

4) Flowers can add more than just color

Flowers are popular as a front porch decoration because you can change them out as often as you’d like. Carex, heucheras and heucherellas are the perfect potted flower that will do just fine on a shaded porch.

Your front porch will come alive with some beautiful flowers that your neighbors will be coming to you to help decorate their front porch. Try some Madagascar periwinkles, lilyturf and anemones in the late summer.  If your lonely on valentines day why not add some Bleeding Hearts to liven up your front porch.

There are several techniques used to plant flowers on the front porch of a house. Choose a planting style that suits your style, preference, home design, color, and style. 

Check out my article on some Simple DIY projects anyone can tackle.  Pallet Style Flower pots can look so much cooler than just those plastic containers they have at the big box stores.

Flowers and other plants on the front porch are great in providing aesthetic beauty and a sweet scent to compliment the beauty. These plants make your porch good for relaxing and meditating.


5) Light up your Front Porch

Add some life to your small front porch by lighting it up. Bulbs are available in different colors, and they also provide different intensities of light. Choose a bulb that blends with the exterior home decor.

Choose the bulb of your choice to add exclusive taste and security to your home and front porch. 

Just a few Lighting Options:

  1. Incandescent (Old style bulb)
  2. Halogen (Flood lights)
  3. Fluorescent (Great for laundry, closets & garage)
  4. LED – New style bulb
  5. Soft White, Cool/Bright White or Daylight
  6. Colored LED Strip lighting
  7.  Christmas Lights
  8. Specialty Lights (Flame bulbs)

If you do not prefer using electricity on your front porch, you can improvise. A lantern or some candles are great to keep your porch lit for as long as you prefer.

A game changer for our porch was as simple as a ceiling fan.  We had moved from PA to FL a while ago.  It wasn’t until we felt the heat of the Sunshine state that we realized how much a ceiling fan is a requirement!  I don’t think I ever turn it off.

6) Get Some Cool Furniture for Your Porch

Front Porch

Decorating the front porch is much easier when you have some cool furniture.  I personally love the look and feel of a nice wooden Adirondack chair.  If you have a smaller porch you may want to consider a nice little bench.

To really spice up the look choose chairs and plush pillows that have colors that got with the decor of your front porch. You can also add an outdoor table to increase your comfort in your farmhouse.

When adding furniture to your front porch start small.  Only add pieces that go with the space and add either a visual or functional benefit. Adding to much furniture can really cramp a space while adding furniture with no purpose can make your porch look like a storage room.

7) Keep Decor simple

Decorating a small front porch does not require too much sophistication. Sometimes less is more when it comes to decorating your front porch.

Having a few flower pots rather than 20 flower pots will keep your porch more inviting.  Simple garden flags can be great to add some character to your porch.  Adding your address to a door or sign can make it feel like home.

Simple decorations that provide architectural design of your home work best. Think about the lines of your home and your focal points. 

8) Use Outdoor Accessories

When decorating your front porch, think about what you like.  If you’re a bird lover why not add a nice bird house or feeder to your porch if space allows.

If you love to garden why not add some fun garden Gnomes around your space.  Into sports?  Why not add your favorite teams flag to your front porch to support your team.  

Just because something is technically made for the outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t bring it onto your porch.  Like the smell of fresh cut logs?  Why not store a few on your front porch in a nice firewood holder. 

9) Holiday Season is here

The holidays is the time of year to really go overboard.  Change out those light bulbs for the holidays!  Replace your front porch lighting with some fun string Christmas lights or just replace bulbs in your porch lights with some good old red & green bulbs.

In the fall time why not get a bail of hay that you can use as an end table or a place to set your flower pots.  Bring in some of those fall colors as well to give your porch a warm fuzzy feeling.

Bring those inflatables onto your porch not only will they add to your front porch decor but they might be easier to plug in.

Final thoughts

So often your front porch is overlooked as a place you can actually use & enjoy.  Taking the time to decorate your front porch will make it a much more enjoyable place for you & your visitors.

You may be surprised what you have been missing out on.  Get outside and enjoy the smell of fresh flowers!