Caring For Your New Wood Farmhouse Furniture

Caring For Your New Wood Farmhouse Furniture

Buying new furniture always make us wonder just how to take care of it before it gets bad. Great care helps in prolonging the life of farmhouse furniture and any furniture. You might be wondering if you should opt for dusting or cleaning, maybe you should just polish or wax your wood furniture. It can be quite confusing.

Although experts suggest different options when it comes to the care of wood farmhouse furniture, it generally depends on the finished piece of it. This is why it is advised to ask for cleaning tops when you buy or make a new wood farmhouse furniture or even an old one as the case may be.

There Are Many Ways To Care For Your Wood Farmhouse Furniture, And They Include :

There Are Many Ways To Care For Your Wood Farmhouse Furniture, And They Include :


Wax is a good finishing for your furniture as it tends to give it a longer lasting protection. The good thing about waxing is that it doesn’t smear and is a more durable option than polishes and spray.

 The use of liquid wax or paste wax is great for your furniture, and if you use it appropriately, it can last for as long as 2 years and maybe more. Paste wax is a better option to liquid Wax as it has a ticket coating and does not need to be applied often unlike the liquid wax.


Dusting is a very important way of taking care of the furniture. Leaving dust on the furniture does nothing good for it, However dusting your furniture frequently is also strongly not advised. This is because it removes and airborne deposits which can build up and then scratch the surface of the furniture.

Therefore before cleaning your furniture, it is advisable to dampen the clothing of your choose lightly to avoid any build up.

5 Common Tools for Dusting Your New Wood Farmhouse Furniture

There are many tools which you can use for dusting your farmhouse furniture. They go from Treated clothes to classic feather dusters.  The cleaning tool that you choose is completely up to your personal preference.

Treated Cloths

These are used for dusting, and they are very soft; therefore, you are sure they can not scratch your furniture. They gently pick up dirt and hold it. It is best to use them instead of opting for silicon sprays.

Lambs-wool Duster

This duster is a good way of attracting dust to it due to the presence of lanolin. It is a very easy and effective way of cleaning your furniture. You can use this duster to get to places cloths can’t reach or find it very difficult to. It has a long handle, making it able to get into places and clean them properly without hurting yourself in the process.

Classic Feather Duster

This is usually called an ostrich feather duster, and it is a good option for cleaning delicate surfaces such as your new farmhouse furniture.

Terry Towels

When you are done dusting, you can use the dry Terry towels to remove the moisture which might be left from using a damp cloth to clean your furniture.

Soft Cloths

These clothes are usually the best option for cleaning. All you have to do is dampen them lightly, and you are good to go.

Monitor Your Environment

The environment you are in can affect your furniture as they respond to the changes in both humidity and temperature. They do this by slightly expanding or contracting.

Frequent exposure to the sun can cause ultraviolet rays to change the chemical composition of either the wood or the finishing. This is why it is advisable to avoid putting your furniture in a place where there would be direct contact with the sun.

Even having direct contact with any coolant or heat can be bad for your farmhouse furniture.


It is advisable to be very cautious when cleaning your furniture, especially with the use of all-purpose cleaning sprays. But in a situation where your furniture has a plastic coating present, then it can be pardoned.

It is also advisable to avoid cleaning your wood with water except where there is a sticky spot and the use of soap and water is allowed. All you have to do is apply mild soap on your clothes and dissolve it in the water when you wring and begin to wipe away the sticky area.

The use of oil polishes as cleaners or even furniture oil is a good way to protect your wood more as they make the wood more slippery. It is also best to avoid cleaning products which have a high percentage of oil or polishing with olive oil as this tends to attract more dust.

It is also advisable to avoid products which are ammonia-based or even contain silicone. The frequent use of polish isn’t advisable, this is because the finishing of most furniture does not get any benefit from them and tend to cause build up. Deep cleaning your furniture annually also helps in the prolonging of your furniture life.

Quick Repairs

When it comes to farmhouse furniture care tips, it is a very common thing to know that accidents happen and fixing them helps in prolonging the life of your furniture. When it comes to repairing furniture, one of the biggest challenges is finding out just what you need to get rid of the damage without causing more harm to the furniture or even destroying the finish.

There are options such as wood repair Kits you can find online, the use of mineral spirits, pumice, linseed oil, and so on.

It is always better to keep the following material on hand as they are good for common issues when it comes to furniture. These issues include.

Chewing Gum

It is no surprise here as there is always someone wanting to stick come underneath a table or any type of furniture and since gum sticks so well or other surfaces, it does so when it comes to wood as well. When you notice the gum on your furniture, remove the most you can, and you can use the freezing method for the rest.

What you have to do is put a bag of ice on the gum for about 10 minutes, this makes it solidify, then use a butter knife to gently bring it out.

Ink Stains

These can be a very difficult thing to remove, both on furniture and clothes. Although it is very difficult in solid wood furniture, it is not impossible.

A good way to get rid of the ink is your mix baking soda and water. 

Pour the mix over the ink stain and wait for a few minutes. After a while, you then wipe it off with a damp cloth. It is advisable to test a small spot before opting for all the ink stains to see how it affects your finish.


Taking care of your new wood farmhouse furniture is very necessary as great furniture can make your home look great and spending money on new furniture because of improper care can be exhausting. So with these tips, hopefully taking care of your furniture would be easy and more understandable.